Two young brothers die week after being pulled from pool of water at Port Phillip

Gardai have confirmed that a 19-year-old woman, who drowned while attending a sporting event at Port Phillip last Wednesday, was reported missing by her family.

Gardai were called to the scene near the Port Phillip Golf Course following reports of a body floating in the swimming area.

In a statement read out in Port Phillip on Thursday morning, Gardai have confirmed that the woman is missing.

Gardai said she is believed to be a female from the town of Ballyculloch in County Tipperary.

One of her brothers was a student at a nearby primary school and is said to have given제주출장마사지 her contact details when he arrived at the golf course in Port Phillip, the statement reads.

Her partner is from Castlebar, Co Clare and arrived at the golf course in the early hours of the morning and arrived to find his mother and girlfriend missing.

Gardai say that the pair’s body is believed to have been brought to the water at the course before they were pulled from the water.

Gardai are yet to confirm if the female had any contact with her family, or if they know where the body is.

Gardai have issued a ‘no contact’ order with Port Phillip for the family.

A family friend has shared this picture of their mother and his girlfriend, who are said to be in Port Phillip on the 27th of August.

It is unknown if their mother has been identified yet, or if Gardai are currently searching for their girlfriend.

A post on Facebook by her sister Mary revealed her in Port Phillip, and wrote, “Sh충주출장마사지e’s missing! Thank God for everyone that came out there to help. I’m just waiting on word from a loved one.”

Gardai said she was not in good condition when she was rescued and is on medication.

“She’s having a mental breakdown and there’s reports she has suffered a major brain injury which has been taking a huge toll on her life,” said Gardai Inspector Kevin D’Arcy.

“She will probably require further medical attention before she becomes fit enough to go home.”

Gardai have been canvassing the Port Phillip area looking for anyone who may have information.

Anyone with information which is relevant to these enquiries is urged to contact Port Phillip Garda Station on 0117 677 554, Crimestoppers경주출장마사지 경주출장샵, 1800 666 111, o