Doctors praise oppositions mental health policy, saying they should be able to take people in who are on antipsychotics but not people taking them for psychosis

Australia should also provide more services to people on antipsychotics if they are psychotic and receive further help to manage their condition as well as help with substance use disorders, according to the New South Wales Mental Health Commission.

However, experts say that despite such promising findings, antipsychotics can have serious side effects which can last up to a decade. They say the drug can cause severe depression, paranoia and confusion, anxiety and insomnia.

The mental health commission said it was working closely with t대전 출장 안마he Australian Bureau of Statistics to study the mental health of the population and ensure the overall statistics스웨 디시 are accurate.

“With current information, there is not a lot to go on beyond clinical practice and some of the outcomes associated with the antipsychotic are relatively stable over time,” mental health expert Dr James Lacey told AAP on Monday. “But that’s not as stable as we want to see over the longer term.”

Dr Lacey said a more effective approach for mental health policy was to create a national health strategy which could use all the resources of the Commonwealth to provide more services including longer-term mental health support.

“We could say, well look, we need to put in place more services where appropriate, we could spend less on the mental health of people on the antipsychotic, if there were a demand,” Dr Lacey said.

The commission’s recommendations will be reviewed by the Australian Council of Medical Centres and the National Health and Medical Research Council and the government will make further recommendations to the commission later this year.

Dr Lacey said the commission’s recommendations were important as well as having practical implications for health professionals.

“But we should be concerned about these things and it’s worth asking if there are problems with the data as it’s generated,” Dr Lacey said.

“In particular, we need to look at예스 카지노 trends in rates of psychotic people on these medicines and to make sure people are taking them well and don’t suffer from long-term complications.”

Dr Lacey said some of the commission’s recommendations could be put into place if health ministers were more transparent with the public on the information provided about antipsychotics.

“If they’ve given us the impression that you can take care of them and give them the best experience, then obviously they’ve got a duty to do that,” Dr Lacey said.